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Detailed Information and Business Listing Examples

Basic Business Listings

These will only display company name, address and telephone number and web link. Basic Listings are in no particular order, and will always be displayed below Lifetime Listings, Regional's or National Listings.

There is a token non refundable anti spam charge of $1 for a Basic Business Listing, and banner adverts and other advertising will also be shown.
Select link to see an example of a basic listing

You can sign up for a Basic Business Listing by selecting the below link:
Sign up here for a basic listing

Lifetime Local Listings

Lifetime Local Listings will be displayed above and stand out from Basic Business Listings. When selected, they will open up into a dedicated web page of advertising, allowing over a 1000 words of text, 2 pictures, a location map, multiple web links, 3 categories and a secure customer contact form.

Your customers can leave referrals or feedback, and the Lifetime Listing with the most positive referrals will be displayed at the top of the category. A Lifetime Listing will also give you access to your regional events planner, to enable events promotion and further advertising.

Listings can be edited by yourself as often as you want at no charge.

A Lifetime Local Listing is limited to a local town, but can also be included in County or State wide searches for your zip code area. You can also be included in searches outside of your state if applicable. See the Regional Upgrade section.
Select link to see example of a Lifetime Local Listing

A Lifetime Local Listing has a token set up fee of $20, and can be created and edited within minutes, and available for public searches within 24 hours. There are no further charges, and your listing is valid for as many years as you require. You will receive occasional automated confirmation emails to confirm your details are still current, but will never be asked for any further payment.

You can sign up online by selecting the below link:
Sign up for a Lifetime Local Listing here

If you would like any more information, please contact us.

Regional Upgrades

Many customers have told us that they sell products or provide a service right across their State, or neighbouring State. So in response we have introduced Regional Upgrades, and you can make your Lifetime Local Listing searchable in any of your chosen categories across a maximum of 10 States. If you require more than 10 States, then please contact us so we can give you the most cost effective option.

To differentiate between Lifetime Local Listings, and those that have upgraded, the term Regional Listing is applied to your listing. Visitors can then tell the difference between a plumber in their town, and a plumber who covers their area from a neighbouring town or State. A Regional Listing will always show above a Lifetime Local Listing and if there is more than one Regional Listing in a category, then the Listing with the most positive customer feedback will rise to the top.

To take advantage of a Regional Upgrade, simply sign up for a Lifetime Listing, then choose any additional States you would like during the sign up process.

You can add on additional regions for your Lifetime Listing at any time. Just Log in to your Listing and you will have the option to purchase additional States for $10 each.

You need a Lifetime Local Listing before you can make it Regional. Select below to sign up for a Lifetime Listing and then choose up to 10 States.
Sign up for a new Regional Listing here or add regions to your Lifetime Listing.

Lifetime National Listings

National Advertising is yet another response to customer feedback. Some businesses want to show up in searches for their chosen category across the whole of the USA. Functionality and presentation is the the same as the Lifetime and Regional Listings.

This product is aimed at companies that can and want to advertise to a national market, eg a Web Designer can be based in North Dakota but service clients in California. To differentiate between Lifetime, Regional and National Listings in search results, the term National Listing is used to make it clear to the visitor.

Lifetime National Listings are priced at a single one off charge of $75. A USA Wide National Listing will ensure your business will be displayed in every single search that relates to your category.

National Listings will always show at the top of the search results. Like Lifetime and Regional Listings, if there is more than one National Listing for a category, then the top spot will go to the listing with the most positive customer feedback. Feedback or referrals can be left on any business listing.

You can sign up online by selecting the below link:
Sign up for a National Listing

If you are unsure if National Advertising is for you, feel free to contact us and the team will be happy to answer any of your questions, give you a product overview, or discuss other advertising options if a National Listing isn't suitable for your business.

To see an example of a National Listing, select the below link - then type in any town you can think of!
Example National Listing

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