FAQs and Business Listing Help

We have included some answers to frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer below then please contact us so we can help.

  • How do I edit or amend my directory listing?

    All of your directory listing information can be edited or amended by logging in to your listing editor. You can log-in to your listing editor by selecting the log-in option at the top of any web page and following the onscreen prompts.

  • I’ve forgotten the email address used to log-in

    Please contact us and we will quickly resolve this for you.

  • I can’t remember my password

    Simply log-in to your listing with the email address you signed up with. You will be prompted for a password, but you will also see a link which says If you don't know your password select here. Select the link and you will have the option to email yourself a new password.

    Once you have logged into your listing editor, you can choose the change password option to make it more memorable.

    We are unable to resend your original password as it is encrypted for your security.

  • How do my customers leave reviews?

    Either send your customers the My Local Services web address for your listing and ask them to select the big green leave a review button, or they can visit this link leave a review and follow the onscreen prompts.

    All reviews are humanly moderated to try and ensure no libel or misuse. Working with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute we have tried to create a straightforward but fair and honest review system. Listings will display their review feedback in our search results and on their business page.

  • Can I reply to any reviews?

    As long as we have your correct email details, you will be notified every time someone leaves a review for your business and you will have the opportunity to reply. You can also visit your listing editor and select the reply to reviews button at any time. All replies are checked to ensure no libel, profanity or misuse.

  • I have received a negative review

    Don’t panic! We are here to help. All of our reviews are humanly moderated and we will have already spoken with the reviewer to verify their comments. Working with the Chartered Trading Standards Institute we have created a fair and accountable review system. You will be notified on receipt of a negative review and be given up to 14 days to respond before it is published.

    The best thing to do is to leave a calm response to the review, giving a clear but concise account of your side of the story. Please contact us if you need any help or advice.

  • Can I increase my coverage and exposure?

    Yes, you can! By default, our listings will include you in searches within 2 miles of your zip code area. If you would like to be covered for searches across a wider area, including Nationwide then log-in to your listing editor and go to the increase coverage section.

  • How do I add a logo, pictures, text or video?

    To add content to your page you need to access your listing editor and select the edit listing text and pictures option.

  • How do I add opening times or a description to my listing?

    You need to edit your listing by logging into your listing editor. Once logged in select the edit basic business details option and from here you can edit, amend your business details, as well as add payment types, a description and opening times.

  • I've moved address - can I edit my business listing?

    You can edit your listing at any time by logging into your listing editor.

  • The map is incorrect on my listing - can I remove it?

    The map is generated by the co-ordinates obtained from your post code. So the first thing to do is to check your zip code is correct. If you need to amend it then log-in to your listing editor. If it is still incorrect then contact us and we will try to refresh the co-ordinates.

  • I have a Lifetime Listing - how long does it really last for?

    There are no tricks here. Our definition of a lifetime listing is either the life of your business or as long as the My Local Services website is on the air.

    All we ask is that you keep your email address updated and respond to our annual confirmation email that your details are still correct and you still want to advertise with us.

  • Why has my Lifetime Listing disappeared?

    We may have tried to verify your details as per our terms and conditions. If your details are no longer displayed contact us: so we can try and resolve this with you.

  • Why can't other people see my listing?

    Once you have listed your business, it will need to be manually approved by one of our moderators. This normally takes no more than one business day. Until then you can edit your listing by logging-in, but you will be the only one who can view it.

  • How do I suspend my listing?

    You cannot suspend your listing, you will need to remove it.

  • How do I remove my listing?

    You can select the remove listing option from your listing editor or telephone, email or write to us with the name of your business and ask us to remove your listing. Our contact details can be found at the bottom of every page on our site.

  • My Local Services Charity Partnerships

    We have developed a strong bond with the charity sector over the years, and are happy to give complimentary lifetime listings to Charities, Voluntary groups, and other Community groups. If you work with any charity organisations please forward our contact details and we would be happy to offer them free advertising and publicity.

    For charities all we need to see is a charity number. For non-profit organisations/voluntary groups, it is at our discretion.

  • Feedback

    Please contact us. We welcome all feedback from enquiries, further information or criticism, and take all comments seriously. We also welcome any genuine feedback on third party review sites such as:

    Trust Pilot

We are striving to make this site as user friendly as possible and welcome all of your views. If there is anything you would like to see on the site, something you don’t like, found a link that doesn’t work, or information that is out of date, please tell us. My Local Services is always evolving and new features or styling are a direct result of your feedback!