FAQs and Business Listing Help

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to take full advantage of your Business Listing with us, so have included some help and answers to frequently asked questions about My Local Services. If you can't find the answer below, then please get in touch with us.

  • I have a Free Basic Listing - can I add a web link?

    I'm afraid not, Free Basic Listings only display telephone and address information. If you want to display multiple web links, text, pictures and showcase your business, then you will need to upgrade to a Lifetime Listing.

    To upgrade simply log in to your listing and you will see an upgrade option in your control panel.

  • I've moved address - can I edit my Business Listing?

    All listings can now be edited at any time by logging into your control panel.

    Although changes will show instantly, it may take 24 hours for your new changes to show correctly on the site, especially if you move to a different State, or change any of your categories.

  • I've lost my password or have no idea what it is - can I change it?

    Fear not, simply log in to your listing with the email address you signed up with. You will be prompted for a password, but simply select the lost password link on that page. Remember you can change your password to anything you like if you go into your control panel.

  • I have a Lifetime Listing - how long does it really last for?

    There's no tricks here. Our definition of a Lifetime Listing is either the life of your business or as long as the My Local Services website is on the air. We've been going in our current format since 2005, so we have no intention of going anywhere!

    All we ask is that you keep your email address updated and confirm once a year that you still want to advertise with us, by clicking a confirmation link in an automated message. See below.

  • Why has my Lifetime Listing disappeared?

    To try and counter stale listings and to allow for businesses that do unfortunately close down, our system will send you an automated email every 12 months to make sure you're still there, and confirm you would like to continue advertising. All you need to do is click on the link in the email to continue advertising. If you don't, our system will try sending you a further two more emails.

    If there is still no response after 90 days, your listing will be removed from our public site and go into our private quarantine database for 12 months.

    At any time during this 12 months we can move your listing back to the live database, so contact us if you think your listing has disappeared!

    After 12 months in the quarantine, we will assume you are either no longer trading or no longer wish to advertise and your listing will be automatically deleted. After this, you will need to sign up and pay again if you wanted a paid listing with us.

  • How do my customers leave reviews? Can I reply to any reviews?

    Either send your customers the My Local Services web address for your listing, and ask them to select the big green Leave a Review button, or they can visit the link leave a review.

    As long as we have your correct email details, you will be notified every time someone leaves a review for your business and you will have the opportunity to reply.

    You can also visit your control panel and select the Reply to Reviews button at any time.

    All feedback is screened to try and ensure no slander or misuse, and we have worked hard to try and create one of the fairest review systems around. Our reviews are picked up by Google, and listings with the highest positive feedback will display at the top of our search results.

  • Can I increase my coverage and exposure?

    Yes you can! A Lifetime Listing will include you in searches for your chosen categories within your postcode area. If you would like to be covered for searches across every town in your region or State, then this becomes a Lifetime Regional Listing, which has a one off set up fee of $10.

    If you wanted to be included in searches for the next State, or in fact any State, then it's just a further one off fee of $10 per State. It's as simple as that!

    An example could be a Web Designer in Fargo, who decides they would like to be included in Web Designer searches across the whole of Texas, which we class as a Region, so this is a one off $10 for Life! You can add a Regional upgrade to your Lifetime Listing at any time by visiting your your control panel.

  • How do I cancel or suspend my Lifetime, Regional or Free Basic Listing?

    I'm afraid you can't suspend your listing, but if you need to cancel it for any reason, just simply telephone, email or write to us with the name of your business and ask us to remove your listing. Here are our contact details and they can also be found at the bottom of every page on our site.

  • My Local Services Charity Partnerships.

    We have developed a strong bond with the charity sector over the years, and are happy to give complimentary Lifetime, Regional or National Listings to Charities, Voluntary groups, and other Community groups. If you work with any charity organisations please forward our contact details and we would be happy to offer them free advertising and use of our events planners to get their message out.

    For charities all we need to see is a charity number. For non profit organisations/voluntary groups, it is at our discretion.

  • Feedback

    If you would like to contact us, then get in touch. We welcome all feedback, from enquires, further information or criticism, and take all comments seriously.

    We are striving to make this site as user friendly as possible, and welcome all of your views. If there is anything you would like to see on the site, something you don’t like, found a link that doesn’t work, or information that is out of date, please tell us. My Local Services is always evolving, and new features or styling are a direct result of your feedback!