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iLoveKickboxing - Nashville

iLoveKickboxing - Nashville

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iLoveKickboxing - Nashville
73 White Bridge Road , ste 118
United States
(615) 933-7497

Business Type
Martial Arts Instruction

Come try the funnest, most fat-melting workout in Nashville and near Brentwood, Green Hills, Sylvan Park, and West End! Our fitness program takes the workouts of pro fighters - and makes them fun and accessible to anyone looking to lose weight.

We guarantee you'll flatten your stomach, tone your arms and legs, shrink your hips, and have the time of your life. Plus, nothing relieves stress more than hitting a heavy bag! Get ready to let all that stress go.

If you live in the following areas: Nashville, Brentwood, Green Hills, Sylvan Park, and West End, you are close enough to come train with us!

Opening Times
Mon-Thu 9am-9pm, Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 8am-2pm, Sun Closed (Abbreviated Holiday Schedules)

Payment Methods Accepted
American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Check, Cash

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5.0 out of 5 based on 21 ratings
23rd February 2017
This studio provides a great workout, but an even better community! The staff is PHENOMENAL. They not only make sure you're doing the move correctly, but they make sure you feel good about what is happening and the success you have! The community is even better. Every member wants to see you succeed and they share recipes, partner with you and help you along the way!
11th February 2017
I love this place! I'm not a fan traditional gyms- i never know what to do with the equipment or what exercises to do- but this place is so fun, it just clicked the first day. I've been trying to get out of a fitness rut since finishing grad school a few years ago, and this was just what i was wanting. Every work out is different, the music is fun, and the instructors are so welcoming and encouraging, and really push you to do your best. I actually feel like i get my hours worth out of my work out when i go (i just went this morning actually!). The facilities are clean and well maintained, the other members are so nice, you just feel like you belong no matter your fitness level. And thank goodness it's so convenient to west nashville so it's close to home. i have no excuse not to go!
6th February 2017
ILKB Nashville is AMAZING! The classes are so much fun, and the instructors are helpful and SO encouraging! You won't regret coming!!
6th February 2017
I never thought that working out could actually be this fun! Workouts are definitely intense, but when you start seeing progress it’s definitely enough motivation to keep coming back. I now schedule my days around working out. The team of instructors is pretty amazing as well! They push and encourage you and never make you feel inferior just because you can’t master a move. What I also love about the Nashville ILKB location is that it is not a beauty contest type of environment (like some gyms can be) and no one really cares what the person next to them looks like or is wearing. We’re all getting our a**es handed to us and that’s definitely not a cute look so there’s no time for that petty stuff.
15th January 2017
I've been to many work out places, but this place makes me want to stay all day and come back The staff is wonderful and I'm looking forward to learn more!
13th January 2017
this is the absolute best place.everyone makes you fill welcome whether its the staff or the people working out besideyou. the hour of operation are great for any schedule.the staff is fantastic motivatingand supportive
12th January 2017
ILKB Nashville is amazing - from the instructors, to the music, to the cleanliness, to the actual workout! I have not had a single workout there where i did not feel accomplished (and sore the next day). I highly recommend it to anyone!
12th January 2017
The experience at ILKB is amazing! During the first class, an instructor worked with me individually not only to help me learn each kickboxing move, but also to understand what my goals were. I have now been a member for about 9 months and even though I have become a better kickboxer, the instructors continue to push me so that I can challenge myself. The workout includes a tough fast-paced warm-up, bag rounds, partner drills, and stretching. Each instructor gives the class their full attention throughout the entire workout. I recommend this workout to anyone, no matter how experienced you are.
3rd January 2017
ILKB has the best and most supportive instructors. They have made my experience both tough and enjoyable. The instruction and encouragement has made my time there very enjoyable and self satisfying. I can see improvement in energy levels and muscle tone. Thanks for all you do.
30th December 2016
I joined the ILKB family in August, six months after the birth of my first baby. Nothing I had tried in the past was helping me to shed the stubborn baby weight, and I was desperate to get into better shape. Thanks to the awesome workout, instructors, and community, I've been able to lose over 40 pounds in four months! Results happen FAST and thanks to the instructors and their interactive presence on social media, accountability is easy.

Love the fact that they give you a free bottle of cold water when you check in on Facebook! The facility is really clean, but there are only two bathrooms; thanks to the effectiveness of the class, membership is growing, so it can be hard to find an empty bathroom.

Overall, ILKB is the best exercise program I have ever tried!
14th November 2016
Ilovekickingboxing is amazing! The instructors are great, they hold you accountable for reaching your fitness goals and they will NOT let you slack during class. Each instructor brings something great to the classes with their different personalities they are amazeballs!
28th October 2016
Extremely intense workout, challenge yourself.
Give this studio a try and I guarantee you will go back !
23rd October 2016
First off, I've never been an "exerciser", per se. It wasn't my idea to try kickboxing. My friend got me to do the intro offer, and I got hooked! It really is a great workout, and even though it's hard, it's not completely insane like those bootcamp classes. The instructors are fun, friendly and encouraging, not obnoxious and angry. My favorite thing is that everyone there is really supportive, regardless of your fitness level or skill level. As time goes on you are able to do more and scale things up in complexity. And they always mix it up, so you never get bored enough that start thinking about the clock. Give it a try and see for yourself!
3rd October 2016
Love this place! Best workouts I have ever had, lots of encouragement, great music and fun. I never feel judged and am always surprised by what I can do.
12th September 2016
I LOVE ILKB!! THE STAFF IS AMAZING AND THEY WILL HELP YOU WITH ANYTHING! the work outs are what you need to get your body going!
8th July 2016
iLoveKickboxing has honestly changed my life. I HATED working out for the longest time and couldn’t find something I enjoyed. I became more and more frustrated with my weight and knew that I needed to make a change. Thank goodness for iLoveKickboxing. Every instructor is so kind and caring and really pushes you to try your hardest - sometimes even harder than you think you can manage! The class is definitely challenging but in the best way. The first 15 minutes are HELL but that’s where the real change happens. In my first month, I have already lost 10 pounds. Not only is it an incredible workout, but kickboxing just makes you feel like a bada$$. I have found a forever fit fam with ILKB. I encourage anyone considering joining to attend a few classes. You’ll be hooked after your first punch.
5th May 2016
ILKB is no joke. The work out is second to none. I have done it all, from gym memberships to hot yoga, and this is the most fun I have had while getting an outstanding work out. They will modify the work out for each person, so no one feels intimidated. As you gain strength and knowledge they will push you to your limit and then some. While I love hitting the bag, one of my favorite things about ILKB is the instructors. They get to know you, make you laugh, push you, and check on you if you forget to show up for a while. Try it, you won't regret it.
17th December 2015
I definitely recommend this class to men and women at any fitness level. I've never challenged myself as much, or seen results so quickly. The staff are very encouraging and helpful. Classmates are very motivational. It's an all around great experience. LIFE CHANGING!
3rd September 2015
Pure Awesomeness. All the classes are different so you get a full body workout session each day. The staff and members are so supportive and welcoming. It's just a Great Atmosphere.
2nd September 2015
I absolutely love this place, best workout I have ever had!!!!
1st September 2015
This was an amazing workout. It kicked my butt and I'm hooked! I can't wait for my next class. The facility is clean and the instructors are very helpful!

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